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Institute on the range
Mesquite Resident Gets a Chance to Go Home Again Through Physical Therapy
Zach Markovic, Star Community Newspapers

While it was not her home, Mesquite Rehabilitation Institute is close to the heart of one Sammie Motley Coates.

Her family goes back to the beginning roots with many of the old names that helped start Mesquite.

And with 91-year old’s recent trip to the institute to rehabilitate her knee after knee replacement surgery, the growth of Mesquite truly comes full circle. She said she recognized something familiar about the place as she was pulling up to the Institute.

“When the ambulance pulled into the driveway, I told them ‘I raised my kids right here,’” Sammie said. “I just feel like I am coming back home to get well.”

The story begins 58 years ago when Sammie and her husband purchased some land in a small little farm town East of Dallas. The little plot was between what would eventually become Beltline and Galloway.
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